Store Introduction
Shop Introduction

Food industry

Spain Bar siono (Shiono)
Feel free to drink Bar with the finest Iberico Bejaota.
Please choose according to the selected Spanish wine!
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-36-3 1F
TEL 03-3381-5178

Hand rice rice Gen Nakano store
Japanese set menu meal
Deliciously deliver delicious seasonal ingredients carefully.
Delicious meal and side dishes at lunch, a cup of delicious nights at night.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-36-4 Fukano Building 1F
TEL 03-3380-3832

Wakata (Yawaragi)
Culinary delicacy, small dish, pub, creative cuisine
Yoko's mama's shop.
Open up shops at the brick slope 15 years, and open again at a small pub Izakaya.
It is a home shop.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-36-4 Fukano Building 2F
TEL 03-3380-1117
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Massage bar cocumaya
Izakaya, hormone
Nakano station south exit on foot 1 minutes! Nakano brick slope right hand 2 floor mass public bars Gogumaya.
Specialties are simmered stewed on skewers and meat puncture. C letter counter 20 seat, you can drink 1 people!
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-36-4 Fukano Building 2F
TEL 03-6304-8655
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BISTRO TRUNK (Bistro Trunk)
Collect gathering delicious items in the trunk. The bistro trunk is a daily tavern which you can enjoy wine with ease, along with dishes that make use of the fresh produce.
1F counter seat 9 name, 2F table seat 20 name,
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-36-4
TEL 03-6382-7891

Kokyuya (Nagano shop)
Grilled meat, hormone
Established in Showa 47 year. It is a Yakiniku restaurant operated by a wholesale wholesaler! !
Excellent freshness! Confident ant in Cospa!
We handle high-quality beef and hormones unique to the wholesale wholesaler.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-36-5
TEL 03-3380-2985

Dining kitchen root
Bistro, Izakaya, dining bar
Vegetables of the ancient species that spared time and effortlessly sprinkled with freshness.
The chef who served as the chef's official residence chef at the Consulate General of Japan in Barcelona, ​​Spain, please enjoy the dishes that brought out the taste of chicken, pig, cow and lamb.
We have a large selection of wines from all over the world, natural wines and craft beers.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-36-5
TEL 03-6382-7474

Izakaya, Creative cuisine, Shochu bar
If you say shochu in Nakano, you are a hundred!
Shochu adviser will choose your favorite shochu! !
Please enjoy boasted shochu!
Address Nakano-ku Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-24 Chino building B1F
TEL 03-6382-8993

Tsunade Nobu Nakano store
Shop of dumplings and noodles
I think that the taste that I can eat without getting tired many times, I think that it is a real delicious staff and I strive all the staff.
Healthy homemade noodles, homemade soup and homemade sauce Please relish.
The spicy menu is hot chili and it is the most painful in Nakano.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-24
TEL 03-6304-8840
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sharuru (Charles) Nakano brick Saka store
Izakayan Italian
How cheap and delicious and fun in Italy in Nakano?
Store that you can get along with the store clerk! Alcohol is fashionable and fun! The shop is open 24 hours!
I am waiting in the morning and evening.
Address Nakano-ku, Tokyo NUMNO 3-34-24 CHENO BUILDING 2F
TEL 03-6382-5106

Beer University (Beer Daigaku)
Beer bar
Japan's first! Kirin Lager Beer Pouring Specialty Store.
Do you know the real taste of Japanese draft beer that boasts worldwide?
In our shop Kirin Lager Beer will express your favorite taste.
You are sure to find the best cup of yourself.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-23 Tsuji Building 2F
TEL 03-4291-8571

Georgia Moon (Georgia Moon)
We are waiting for you with a selection of best bourbons in Japan and delicious cocktails using fresh fruits.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-23 B1F
TEL 03-3229-6000

Minami's frog
Dining bar
Nakano It is a natural dining & bar "Minami no Frog" on the brick slope.
We will welcome you with natural feeling of air and handmade honorable menu.
Please do not hesitate to drop by.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-23
TEL 03-6753-7771

Sixth Days (Lockeyeasha)
Western food, cafe
Japanese style hamburgers, spaghetti, meat croquettes, omelet rice, pilaf etc.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-23 2F
TEL 03-3383-7072
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The five senses iron plate & wine (Gokan Teppan and Wine)
Iron board Italian
Casual Italian with iron plate at night.
A popular lunch is also in operation, with raw rice noodles.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-22 No. X NUMX Kouhei Building 2F
TEL 03-6454-1272
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Bar Bacchus (Bacchus)
Bar, dining bar
The Oden Bar "Bacchus" to feel free to wear in Western style. Hood is full at bar too!
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-22 No. X NUMX Kouhei Building 2F
TEL 03-6454-1555
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proud (Proud)
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-22 No. X NUMX Kouhei Building 2F
TEL 03-3384-0423

Matsushiro sushi
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-35-7
TEL 03-3381-4076
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Sake Baru Nakano Aoi
Balinese cuisine based on Japanese food
You can enjoy dozens of different kinds of sake by tasting sensation little by little.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-35-7
TEL 03-5340-1231

Boqueria (Boqueria) Spanish & Texmex Bar
Spanish, Mexican, Bar
Our restaurant serves Mexican cuisine (Texmex), which is eaten in Texas, southern USA, and authentic local cuisine eaten in the mainland of Spain. It is also Latin Bar, where you can enjoy various Spanish wines routinely drunk in Spanish bars that match those dishes, and alcohol drunk in Argentina and Brazil.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-35-6
TEL 03-6883-8234

vivo daily stand Nakano store
Wine bar, bar · bar
vivo daily stand provides French Deli and Daily Wine as the main, it is a community-oriented bar that can be used easily even by a single person.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-35-6
TEL 03-5888-5476

17th Nakano Nankiguchi Brick Saka store
Izakaya, Yakitori
I want to drink lightly on the way back from work .... Today everyone wants to make a noise! How about going to a massive pub at 17 thou then drink?
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-35-6
TEL 03-3380-2525

Thai food tonhome
Thai food pub
A full-fledged Thai food tavern built by a store manager from Tohoku, Thailand.
Tonhom is a home-based Nakano Thai restaurant that imagined a stall of "Tropical Thai!" One person drinking is also welcome! It is a dish that is very healthy and has stamina because it has plenty of vegetables, meat, fish and various herbs and spices. Please enjoy "Thai trip mood" with healthy authentic Thai cuisine at "Home Nakano Tonhomu".
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-35-6
TEL 03-3383-3595

Nakano shop dentist Tenten
Shop rice cup liquor store
Store where you can drink net rice cup liquor nationwide. You can also taste gentle taste using seasonal ingredients.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-35-8
TEL 03-3229-2233

Wine collection BANKAN (Bankan)
Izakaya, wine bar
Nakano Minamiguchi, a shop of Japanese wine in a house on the back street of the brick slope.
Japanese wines carefully selected from all over the country are 100 types or more.
The 1 floor can be used for counter situations, the 2 floor for table seats and can be used in various situations.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-35-8
TEL 03-6454-1846

Dining bar Parpunte (パ ル プ ン テ)
Dining bar
You can enjoy a wide variety of cuisine-free cuisines and delicious wines imported from all over the world in relaxing atmosphere in a space where there is a foreign atmosphere.
Boasting to say anything, baked cheese risotto! Use cream made in Hokkaido and handmade butter. Once you eat it you will definitely be addicted!
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-35-5
TEL 03-6382-4882

Indian cuisine Gandhi Palace
Indian food, curry
34 kinds of curries made with time and effort.
Lunch set, lunch box lunch, lunch buffet. We are also offering parties and more!
Address Nakano-ku, Tokyo NUMNO 3-39-10 YOU CITY BUILDING B1F
TEL 03-3384-0458


Fukano watch store
Repair, processing, sales of watch · jewel · precious metal
Showa 10 year Since establishment in this place, we have responded to customers' diverse needs and needs not only for watches and jewelry sale, but also for repair, battery insertion, processing and remodeling.
First of all, please contact us, please come and visit us and feel free to consult us.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-36-4 Fukano Building 1F
TEL 03-3381-6147

Bashodo stamp imprint
Hand carved seal, rubber stamp, shachihata product, business card etc. printing
Since the founding of the Meiji 19 year (1886) about 130 year "trust and technology store", we have patronized a wide range of customers, mainly locals. We strive to pursue every day to contribute to happiness of customers through stamps (stamps and stamps). An important seal (lifetime seal) in my life, the seal I made with my heart truth is a wealth. Please be sure to order our "proof of yourself" as a lifetime friend.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-23
TEL 03-3381-0555

Watanabe Pharmacy
Pharmacy / drug store
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-36-5
TEL 03-3381-8087
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Food, Umeboshi
We sell a variety of drinks and old-fashioned miso and Udosama in Odawara by weight.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-35-6
TEL 03-3381-8864

Green Coast (Green Coast)
Flower shop
Flowers, bouquets, small bowls, arrangements, births, wedding bouquets and more.
Through friendly communication with the coordinator, we propose styles tailored to each customer's request.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-40-31
TEL 03-6413-5333

Service / Real Estate / Lease
Service industry, Real estate agent, Leasing industry

cut room BRENDA (Brenda)
Beauty salon
By appointment only.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-36-4 Fukano Building 3F
TEL 03-5340-1105

Gal Agency Nakano Ekimae
Detective business
It is our pleasure to have this word "I was glad to talk to you." Galle Nakano Ekimae office can be consulted with peace of mind for the first time. We are thoroughly confidential and confidential, we believe in trust and trust. Also, we will be happy to help you solve problems even after the survey ends, we will be happy to serve you.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-36-10 Nakano Hillside Building 102
TEL 03-5342-2392

FAST NAIL (Fast Nail)
Nail salon
At a reasonable price with gel nail? Flat-rate flat rate system! I will change it in about 1 hours ♪
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-26 Ryuudo building 7F
TEL 03-3229-1195

Hair Salon Hal
Beauty salon
Nakano's fashionable student, busy everyday but the hairstyle is a housewife who does not want to hold out hands, OL who wants to go to the salon at night after work, and men who want to cut at affordable prices are welcome anyone . Hair sets are also available.
It is a comfortable space, so please come once ★
Address Nakano-ku, Tokyo NUMNO 3-34-24 CHENO BUILDING 3F
TEL 03-6382-7260

e-Room (e room) Nakano main store
real estate business
E - room Nakano main store is updating the rental information of popular areas such as Higashi Nakano, Koenji, Asagaya, Ogikubo etc every day, mainly in Nakano. Since there are some properties which are only dealt with here, please also search for bargain rental and cheap rental information. We will search by your kind until you find the property you want. Please feel free to visit our e-room Nakano main store boasting of the amount of property information and experienced staff!
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-23 Tsuji Building 1F
TEL 03-3381-8335

Hair salon red beard
Hair salon, barber shop
Barbershop of Kaichi Nakano 's fashionable person. Fashionable hairstyle, massage with theme of healing, etc. A variety of menus.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-22 No. X NUMX Kouhei Building 2F
TEL 03-5340-7732

Izumi real estate
real estate business
Searching for rooms is fun, but it will take a lot of trouble. "Izumi Real Estate Nakano Store" will firmly support the search of such customers' rooms. It is strong in properties in Nakano-ku It is a rich Izumi real estate real estate so there are plenty of properties that we can propose.
In addition, we are also introducing renovation properties and proposing construction.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-35-7
TEL 03-3383-0769

Medical / relaxation
Medical facilities, Relaxation facilities

Clinic Ryuudo
Dermatology, Obstetrics and gynecology, Anesthesiology
We are aiming to provide medical services that are trusted by local residents.
Feel free to consult, please visit us. It is a location of 0 minutes walk from Nakano station.
Dermatology is accepted at 2F, gynecology at 3F.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-26
TEL 03-3384-6968

Re.Ra.Ku Nakano store
Massage, relaxation
The combination of [shoulder stretch stretch] and [body care], Re.Ra.Ku's original [relax body care] acts on a deeper portion of muscle than massage. Maintaining a refreshing body with continuous care, I will be able to help every day shining.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-26 Ryuudo building 6F
TEL 03-3380-8066

Bank / Department store
Bank, Departmentstore

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation Nakano Branch
We utilize the functions of "bank" and "trust" such as "investment of funds", "consultation on loans", "real estate sales / effective use", "property succession to the next generation", etc., A specialized financial consultant is available for consultation so that we can respond to you.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-36-16
TEL 03-3383-2711

Nakano Marui
Department store
Nakano Marui aims to be an exciting and exciting shop even if you stop by everyday. We offer items such as sweets and household goods which are perfect for a fun gift, and a relaxing space such as a restaurant town and a cafe. There are also large tenants such as MUJI and Handsby.
Address Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3-34-28
TEL 03-3382-0101